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Investing in Bulgarian Agricultural Land – Seize the Opportunity!

Posted by GoBulgaria on October 27, 2017
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Bulgaria is situated in Southeast Europe and occupies the eastern part of the Balkan Peninsula. To the north it borders with Romania, to the west with Macedonia and Serbia, to the east with the Black Sea, to the southwest with Greece and to the southeast with Turkey.

Bulgaria’s land area is: 111.000 sq km and Bulgarian Agricultural Land is currently among the cheapest in Europe and provides for significant opportunity for serious investors.

Currently Agricultural activity in Bulgaria accounts for around one-fifth of the total national income of Bulgaria, with cereal crops approximately three-fifths of this total Wheat is by far the most important, followed by corn (maize) and barley. Agricultural land in Bulgaria falls is classified by Category which vary according to the fertility of the soils, the climatic conditions, the relief and other technical qualities. The higher the grading, the better and more versatile the agricultural land is.

The ten arable land categories are defined as per the assessment of specific soil-climatic conditions in relation to the land’s suitability for growing a specific set of crops. According to the division of agricultural land in Bulgaria the land placed in the first and second category is of the highest quality which gradually decreases as you reach the tenth category.

A steady increase in value of Bulgarian Agricultural Plots is being seen year on year. This is also being driven by the subsidies which are provided by the European Union.

It is more than 10 years since Bulgaria joined the European Union and the Bulgarian agricultural sector continues to benefit in particular due to the significant agricultural subsidies in the form of EU direct payments. the EU practice of intervention also acts to underpin the prices. This will continue and be further supported by preferential financing related to the purchase of land assets

The reality of investment is that anyone who can take the investment long view will undoubtedly benefit and see a very acceptable return on the investment.

The most significant advantage is that Agricultural Land is very stable with little downside and remains so during any down turn, as such it is the perfect vehicle for long term savings.

With the annual increase in Bulgarian Land Values expected to continue to outpace inflation for many years an increased interest is shown from many quarters. Rental income can be derived from agricultural land without any additional work being required by the owner.

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