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Bulgarian Citizenship – A promising investment in Future

Posted by GoBulgaria on August 3, 2018
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Benefits of Bulgarian Citizenship

Freedom for you and your family

Free movement within the EU zone. The Bulgarian passport takes 16th place among the most powerful passports in the world. As a Bulgarian citizen you can travel visa-free to 169 countries all over the world according the latest Henley Passport Index. As a Bulgarian citizen you won’t have any concerns about traveling across nation’s borders. Once you have a Bulgarian passport you have the right to live, work and study in any country in EU. European passports are the world’s most respectful-and this applies to all members of your family. Your European passport gives the right to own land in another EU country.

Political Stability

Possibility to raise your family in secure and stable environment. A passport for a stable country is the best life-time investment in the event of any political unrests.

Access to high quality care and education

You and your children can take advantage of the lauded European education system. One of the benefits of Bulgarian citizenship is the free access to top universities in Europe as well as fee and tuition deductions. Another positive aspect of living in Bulgaria is that you can get advantage of one of the most reliable and cheapest medical and dental care in Europe.

Cost Doing Business

Bulgaria has one of the healthiest economics of the countries in the European Union and offers a very good economic climate for foreign investments. The country has the lowest rate of corporate income tax in the EU – 10%. Moreover, carrying out business in Bulgaria there is a possibility to decrease taxation rate for manufacturing companies in areas with high unemployment. In addition, investors may also use EU Structural Funds for further support in their investment projects in Bulgaria.

Bulgaria is also regarded as one of the best investment destinations in Europe with strong capital growth rates made possible by extensive EU investment in infrastructure and tourism.
According to Bulgaria’s Minister of Tourism there is a huge increase of tourists travelling to Bulgaria during the last few years, especially from EU visitors. It is expected that 12 million tourists will visit Bulgaria in 2020 which makes the most promising destination in the eastern European region.

Access to Markets

Bulgaria’s geographic location, as a bridge between the East and the West, between the EU and the rapidly growing markets of Russia, Turkey, the Middle East and CIS countries, makes the country an important trade partner. Due to its proximity to markets and comprehensive infrastructure Bulgaria is a competitive destination in serving global markets. Bulgaria offers an excellent logistical and supply chain services location for sales into the EU, Russia, Turkey and the Middle East.

Human Resources

Not only is the tax structure in Bulgaria favorable, but the cost of labor is highly competitive among the EU. It is also important to know that the labor force is highly educated, motivated, young, mobile and possess good language skills.
Taking together the taxation rate and the cost of labor, Bulgaria has the lowest business operation cost in the entire EU.

Secure Banking & Financial Sector

Growing profits, high capital buffers and stable funding are pillars that continue to support the prospects for banks in Bulgaria. During the past two years banking system remained stable and recorded growth in the assets, deposits, capital and profit. The sector improved its financial, capital and liquidity indicators, which had a positive effect for the business and for the perspectives for economic growth.

Low cost of living

Compared to other European countries, Bulgaria is more affordable place to live. Bulgaria is popular in the international real estate market as a country offering low cost properties and a relatively low cost of living. All locally produced food is mostly organic, very delicious and at the same time cheaper than in other European countries. If you prefer to eat outside you will be surprised that a dinner for two may cost you about 20 USD.

Great Location

Living in Bulgaria you will have a proximity to all advantages of the rest of the EU. Within Only 2-3 hours you can be in any European country, attending a business meeting, shopping or just spending a great time with your family and friends.

Wonderful places to live and enjoy

Bulgaria has much to offer to those interested in relocating. Bulgaria’s main cities – Sofia, Plovdiv, Varna and Burgas are very developed and have a huge potential for further development. In addition, they are forming the appearance of real European cities. People you will meet are often far friendlier and only will enhance your staying in Bulgaria.

Notably, because Bulgaria is a country that is worth discovering, visiting, feeling and experiencing.

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